Second Blog Entry

Today I woke up thinking I was on vacation in Germany and I would return to Shanghai afterward. It´s still not easy to realize that I am now „living“ in Germany. But I am sure I will be able to at one point. Our house is still quite empty because our containers haven’t arrived yet. I am so excited for when our house will be completely done.

Today my Dad and I are going to pack for our family trip to Lebanon. My mom is already there so I am looking forward to seeing her again. Holidays at the beach are amazing with the whole big family.



3 Gedanken zu “Second Blog Entry

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  2. A lovely second post. You may soon realize that it is not easy to juggle with so many… languages/cultures/experiences in your head. From Germany to China to Lebanon. You may also find Europeans are not always so interested in the outside world. Or plain don’t believe you. It’s ok. Keep all the experiences and languages alive in your head. And share them. Some people will be interested. 😉
    Bonnes vacances au Liban.


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